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ООО СРМ Солюшнс 

About CRM Solutions

We bring together mobile technology, data insights and marketing expertise to help brands grow connections, deepen relationships and achieve sustained growth in sales and market share. Our omni channel engagement programs connect brands with their consumers and the independent traders that serve them.

Our rapid growth is supported by our incredible people: the best talent selected from across a range of industries - Mobile, Technology, Data Analytics, Consumer Insights, Marketing, Sales and Finance.

Our teams work with clients to create efficient mobile solutions that are fully integrated into marketing campaign planning, and tailored for brands by market.

We create large databases of permissioned brand shoppers; we enable clients to engage with consumers via every possible channel (mobile, web, app) to achieve key brand objectives and ultimately to change their behavior in clients’ favor.

CRM Solution closes the loop between brand and consumer, between communications and purchase, through the reach and intimacy of the mobile phone; all with a clear, measurable return on marketing investment